Every Little Helps

In my last post I made a comment about needing to earn some money, in order to support my various adventures. Which is partly the reason why I’ve not posted for a little while. What I have been doing is spending 3 days a week up in Edinburgh once again working for Tesco Bank.

I got an email from an old friend who is Head of Architecture there, to see if I’d time to come back and help him pull together an IT Strategy document. Basically this is needed to document how Information Technology will enable the bank to realise its overall business objectives. I had done some work on this a year ago when I was last at the bank and now there was a real push to get it completed and agreed by the bank’s board and the FSA. As I’m working as a motorcycle instructor at the weekend and didn’t want to stop doing so, I offered to work Tuesday to Thursday in Edinburgh. Fortunately this was acceptable to Tesco, so now I catch the 6am train up on Tuesday, meaning a 4:50am getup!, and return at 9:30pm on Thursday. I then get a day off before heading to Salford to meet my trainees.

It’s an odd feeling being back in an office working as an IT consultant again, and I must admit that when I catch glimpse of the sun shining outside I wish I was instructing instead, but there’s no comparison between the two when it comes to which helps the business bank account!

I won’t go into detail about the IT Strategy work as it’s commercially sensitive, as well as being less interesting to anyone outside the corporate world, but it’s good to be doing something that will hopefully enable Tesco bank to be a success in the future. The instructing has been going really well too, with lots of enthusiastic trainees both for cbt and direct access. I had my first 2 module 2 trainees last Sunday, taking then on a long ride round the roads near the Atherton test centre which are used for the on road motorcycle test. We rode around 80 miles as I helped them correct a few riding errors and also made sure their reading of the road and reaction to road signs and markings was up to test standard. On their tests, one passed but sadly the second one failed for repeatedly hesitating and riding too slowly, something that hadn’t been evident during our ride. What was pleasing was their reaction to my instruction and the fact that neither failed due to a fault or omission on my part.

So I’m once again flat out working at least 5 days a week, which is taking its toll on my leisure time and means I’ve got an ever-increasing list of jobs I need to do when I finally get time. But it’s nice to know that I’m back earning more money than we’re spending again!