A new assignment

Once again I’ve been lax in updating the blog. There are no excuses, it just seems less important than it used to. When I was travelling every day and had much to write about.

I still have much to write about, what with the trainees that brighten my days as I teach them the intricacies of riding motorcycles, the goings-on at home with the boys and Tracy and the saga of dealing with my late mother’s estate. But it just doesn’t catch my imagination sufficiently for me to allocate an hour of my time to sit and type dribble.

So no apologies. Just irregular updates.

And this update is now somewhat overdue, because it relates to events that started way back before last November. I only remember it goes back that far because in November I went to the NEC Motorcycle Show and to the Globebusters reunion event that followed. It was just after confirming my attendance that I got a cryptic email from Kevin (co-boss of Globebusters with his wife Julia) asking if I was still interested in some guiding work. Now I’d been here before, as I entered discussions about working wirth them back in 2009 during my epic Trans-Americas trip, but rather screwed up my chances by crashing big-style. Things hadn’t worked out last time for a number of reasons (my accident actually being much less significant than a better candidate also being on the scene!), so I didn’t hold my breath this time, but agreed to discuss options at the reunion.

To cut a long story short (and skip all the bits about alcohol-related shenanigins which were a feature of previous Globebusters-related blog entries), I’ve been asked to join the Globebusters team in leading the Trans-Americas Expedition later this year. At present, I’ll be joining the team in Tucson as there are fewer riders needing guiding on the North American section; then guiding them down through Mexico, Guatamala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile and Argentina. I’ve already started my training by passing 2 ITC First Aid qualifications, and digging out my old Spanish books (I’ll need to open them soon!). I also spent 2 days at Globebusters HQ undertaking expedition guide training, and am under no illusions as to the challenge ahead.

As Kevin always says, “It’s not a holiday, it’s an adventure!”.

Only this time, I’ll be responsible for trying to get everyone else safely through it. Something I needed help with when I tried it myself…