Here we go again!

I’m currently sat in a hotel room, having watched the MotoGP race, with my bike boots and gear spread all over every flat surface, ready to be repacked before my early morning flight tomorrow. Once again I’ve had to say “Adios” to my darling wife, Tracy, who dropped me off outside a few hours ago and is now slogging her way back up the motorway home. I won’t see her again for 11 weeks, and I know that’s going to be the hardest part of this latest adventure.

At least we managed to grab some quality time together yesterday, when we drove down to the Cotswolds to stay at The Gate Hangs High and Hook Norton. It was a really nice pub with friendly staff and we had a nice room, albeit with the noisiest plumbing I’ve ever heard. Every time our neighbours used the toilet in their room we had to raise our voices to be heard! The food and beer was very good, though, as was the bottle of champers we bought at Tesco and snuck into the room!

The other news worth reporting at this stage is that the sale of my mum’s house has still not completed, which is a right royal pain in the a*rse. It seems that the solicitor’s attempts to get 2 charges that were recorded on the title deeds, but long since cleared, removed failed. There really is no excuse for this type of incompetence, as they’ve had the deeds for over 2 months (I sent them early so this sort of thing could be done sooner). So now that will have to get finalised whist I’m away, which is not ideal as I’m sure there will be further issues arising until it’s all over.

But enough of this, it’s now time for me to chill out for a while as I suspect tomorrow is going to be a long day. Julia and I will be going to the airport very early for our 6:20 flight via Madrid to Bogota. Then the real fun begins!

One thought on “Here we go again!

  1. Once more into the breach . . . . . well, whatever – stay safe, enjoy your adventure and come back to us safe and sound. See you at Christmas. M-i-L xx

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