Six months later…

Way back in the dim and distant past, I used to maintain this blog regularly, daily even, pouring out my inner-most thoughts in a rambling diatribe that kept my faithful readers (both of them) entertained as they relaxed in their padded cells.

Nowadays, it’s rare for me to update it twice in a year, but all that is about to change. Yes, shortly I’ll be heading off on another adventure and so the blog will once again be called in to action to record my musings for posterity.

So I’d better bring things up to date first. In my last post I noted that I’d been asked to guide a portion of the epic TransAmericas route by my friends at GlobeBusters. That is still the plan, although as a consequence of a couple of riders being forced to change their plans (seems the business world still calls the shots for many folk), I’m now starting in Bogota, Columbia and not Tucson. Which is just as well, as otherwise I’d be out there now and starting the blog too late!

Preparations for the trip are fairly well advanced, and just today I’ve put my bike jacket and trousers in the wash so I look presentable on arrival. I’ve also been to the doctors and got a prescription for all the medications I need to keep me alive these days. It’s surely a sign of advancing years when half my luggage space is taken up by pills I need to live!

In addition to starting to dig out the gear I need to take with me, I’ve been running through the route and trying to remember all the fantastic places I visited in 2009 when last out there. It’s a good job I kept the blog so up to date back then, as I’d be lost without it. Re-reading sections of the trip brings back so many happy memories and has me positively brimming with excitement at the prospect of sharing the trip with a new group. It will be fascinating to see how things have changed too, as it will be 4 years since I last rode there. Whilst I will be trying to maintain a blog of my thoughts, don’t expect it to be as detailed or as regularly updated as last time as this time I’ll have work to do, but I now have a keyboard for my iPad and an app that lets me connect to the blog, so hopefully I’ll get a few minutes free now and then to jot my thoughts down. If it’s anything like it was last time, so much will be going on that the only way I’ll remember even half of it is to have done so!

With regards to other news, well, I should perhaps report that Tracy finally got the compensation claim from the accident back in 2007 settled. The end of the sorry saga happened a couple of months ago now, when we went down to London for a meeting with our solicitor and she had a meeting with the other side. Whilst the settlement itself in no way compensates Tracy for the pain, suffering and ongoing difficulties, especially as several “heads of loss” that would have been recoverable under UK law were not under Slovakian law, she was delighted to have finally got it sorted. After all this time the amount seems somewhat pitiful, but we will put it to good use over the coming years to ensure she has as good a standard of living as she can.

As for other news, there’s not much, really. Life and work has continued in much the same way as when I last wrote. Having nothing to report is good news, as it means we’re all healthy and happy. Which is a good note to leave this entry on – I’ll try and post something next week before the big adventure begins, so watch this space!