The return of the Just One More Mile blog!

Today is an historic day.

Just like all others.

But today is rather special, because it marks the return of the Just One More Mile blog.

For those not familiar with this blog, it’s a place where I share my thoughts, dreams, plans and adventures. Originally the blog was intended to act as a record of our (that’s my wife, Tracy and me, Paul) journey around the world, originally scheduled to start in 2008. Life has a habit of de-railing the best-laid plans and so ours turned into a journey of another kind, as recorded in the original blogs which you can find on the main website.

Now is the time to once again dream of a new challenge.

The next few blog posts will elaborate on the past few years – since we’ve unfortunately lost the blogs from roughly 2012 to the present date (September 2018) to help fill in some of the gaps.

When I’ve closed the necessary gaps I’ll start blogging again in earnest. Or at least, more frequently than recently (which won’t be difficult as I’ve not posted for about 4 years!).

If you want to follow our travels, this is where you can do so. We hope you enjoy the ride!

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