Time for a new adventure

As is so often the case, the best laid plans of mice and men, and me, seems to go awry. This time it’s hurricane Florence that is wreaking havoc with my plans, or rather those of my good friend Aaron who has organised our latest adventure.

Once a year he organises a motorcycle trip from his dealerships in Florida to Nova Scotia in north east Canada. I’ve been trying to get myself on one of these trips for years, but due to the pressure of running our motorcycle training business haven’t been able to make it work. This year we took the momentous decision to close the school and “retire” in order to take full advantage of such opportunities, and so I signed up and booked my flights. I depart early tomorrow morning, flying via Philadelphia to Tampa to hook up with Aaron ready for Saturday’s departure. The original plan was to catch the auto train up to close to Washington DC to avoid a lot of ‘less interesting’ riding and to get us north quickly. Only Florence has decided to batter the east coast of the US and caused Amtrack to cancel the train. So now it looks like we will have a few long days on the highways as we try to get things back on track (no pun intended!).

But that’s all for later. For now, I’ve been packing and getting ready to go. Upstairs in the bedroom my big yellow bag is packed with bike boots, gloves and my Kriega pannier bag full of the clothes I’ll need for the trip, all packed and ready to go. All ready for tomorrow. And I’m rather excited!

As always there are a couple of things I need to do before then, though, and that includes taking my 3-yearly RoSPA Diploma re-test, which is arranged for this afternoon at 1pm. I just hope that I can keep my mind on the job at hand and not start day-dreaming of my new adventure!

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