Day 2 – Friday 14th September : Get Ready, Get Set…

After a most fitful night’s sleep, where I woke from vivid dreams of Aaron’s Tesla driving itself and getting struck by lightning, I finally crawled from bed just after 6am, a solid 9 hours after turning in. If they had been 9 hours of sleep, I would have been totally rested and fully refreshed. But they weren’t, although the extremely powerful shower did a good job of restoring some sense of feeling alive.

With no fresh clothes to put on, I think the shower may have been wasted, but with my bag still at the airport there was nothing else to do. After watching the sun rise over the bay (I told you this place was special!), and speaking to Tracy on FaceTime, Aaron and I headed out, me riding a Ducati Multistrada 1260 and him leading in the Tesla. A quick stop for breakfast and fuel for the bike and then we were at the airport, where I collected my bag without fuss. Then it was on to his Tampa dealership, where he got on with some work whilst I caught up with things back home and booked my hotel room for our TransAM reunion in November when Aaron is over in the UK.

I also got to try on the Klim Badlands Pro suit that is part of my reason for being here. This is a very well made riding suit designed specifically for adventure riding, and whilst this particular trip may not put it to the test fully, the trip next year most certainly will. First impressions are that it is (a) heavy – but not as heavy as my Rukka jacket and (b) fits very well indeed. I was also delighted to find myself fitting into the size 34” trousers – I really have lost quite a bit of weight!

After a business lunch at a local “Mellow Mushroom” restaurant famous for its pizza (I had a Caesar salad) we returned to the dealership and then grabbed our gear before returning to Aaron’s, this time me riding his BMW R1200GS so it’s ready for tomorrow. With all my gear now available, I’ve had time to re-pack stuff into the bag I’ll be taking and will shortly be heading for another shower and to get changed ready to go out and eat again. This evening we’re going out with some of Aaron and Mira’s friends for dinner then on to the movies. See, I’m already turning American. Awesome!

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