Day 8: To Truro, Nova Scotia

Another early start as we continue the ride North with the aim of covering 420 miles and getting into Nova Scotia later today. The weather was cold, overcast and with intermittent rain as we left our breakfast stop at a local McDonald’s (where I’m happy to report they do oatmeal/porridge and tea!). The roads wound there way to the Canadian border, nice, easy riding once more. The border crossing at Vanceboro/St Croix  was tiny but manned by a very efficient blonde female customs agent, who told me what I was doing – “you’re going to be in Canada for a week, riding round Nova Scotia, right?” and then stumped me by asking when I was last in Canada (I couldn’t remember, so said 2013, when in fact it was only a couple of years ago!). But that didn’t matter as I soon had my passport stamped and was waved into Canada with a smile.

From the border the road became less interesting as we heading up the highway via Fredericton and on highway 2 all the way to Nova Scotia. This section was cold, but after a brief fuel stop near Amherst we took the longer, more scenic route down to the coast and on to our overnight stop at Truro. By the time we arrived we were very cold indeed, and it took a good 10 minutes of standing under a hot shower to restore my body temperature to normal. It’s not that it was that cold outside, either, with the temperate around 10degrees C, but the humidity and wind-chill took their toll. That evening we headed out to a local Boston Pizza place for dinner, where we had some not-very-good beer and a nice chicken jambalaya.

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