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Tracy's Arm - A photographic record...

This gallery has been created to document the changes to Tracy's arm as she recovers from the damage incurred during the accident in Slovakia. At some stage following the initial impact with the truck, Tracy suffered multiple injuries to her right arm, including a dislocated shoulder, broken elbow, and breaks in both her radius and ulna bones. Worse than this, though, was the trauma she suffered to her skin, which was 'de-gloved' from her elbow to her wrist.

The photographs below show how her arm has been progressing since just before the skin-graft operation. Click on any image to see a larger version

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Paul & Tracy


The day before the skin graft, with Tracy's arm wrapped in the vacuum dressing that caused her so much pain.

Underneath this monstrous-looking dressing, Tracy's arm has had all the dead tissue removed (some 2 weeks previously) and so very little remains...

10 days after the skin graft and her dressings are changed, revealing a skeletal-like arm with the new skin showing good blood supply

Side view after 10 days, showing how much skin and tissue had to be removed before the graft

2 weeks after the skin graft, new skin clearly has good blood supply and the graft has "taken"

The underside of her arm at 2 weeks, showing the skin drying out nicely...

3 weeks after the skin graft operation, and there are signs the top of her arm is drying out, but slowly

3 weeks on, and the underside is healing nicely

4 weeks in, and the top of her arm is still very wet, with the skin drying much slower than the underside

5 weeks on, and the top is now showing clear dry patches

Underside at 5 weeks in, now very dry. The dark patches are scabs where the new skin forming underneath the graft is replacing the grafted skin

14 November, after washing and cleaning by the plastics nurse... top now showing some large patches of fresh, dry, skin

14th Nov, after the nurse cleaned the underside and removed the scabs - which has made some patches raw again, but there is good tissue underneath

3 months after the accident. The infection makes it look worse than it is, but there are now large dry patches of good skin.

The red areas are the remaining 'wet' patches where the new skin is still drying out.

3 months after the accident, the underside has healed well, but there are still a couple of large patches yet to heal.

30th November and at last the top of her arm is showing signs of drying out...

30th November, and the side-view shows the raw patches in the crook of her elbow that are still extremely sore...

6th December and a great deal of improvement - lots of healed areas on the top, and time for a change of bandage with much less intervention needed...

6th December, from the underside. The area in the crook of Tracy's elbow remains pretty obstinate, but it is getting better...

14th December and the underside is still healing well

14th December and the top of Tracy's forearm shows good healing

Following her re-admission to hospital and 2 infections in her arm, the upper arm shows significant regression by 10th February...

As can be seen from this picture, Tracy's arm has not improved - in fact it has got worse - over the past 2 months whilst she's been in hospital. The set-back has been caused by the trauma of her back moving, and the subsequent operation, and compounded by 2 infections in her arm that have further broken down the upper layers of skin...

The underside, 10th February 2008, looks slightly worse than it did in December...

As with the upper side (see photo left), the underneath of Tracy's arm looks worse than it did in December, with areas of the skin returning to the wet, unhealed, state we thought we'd seen the last of.

The end result, Tracy's arm now fully healed, 18th April 2009

The underside, fully healed and showing signs of getting a more natural colour back... 18th April 2009

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