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Eastern Europe Trip

A year of adventure and misfortune - the story of our Eastern Europe trip, the accident and subsequent recovery, and our lives up until September 2008... For the latest blog, click on Blogs in the header...

Friday, 7 March 2008


White Christmas?

"What's this?" I hear you cry as you realise I've updated the blog on a Friday, well before my usual time... must have some news, then?

I do.

I'm picking Tracy up from the hospital in a couple of hours. Not to bring her home for the weekend... to bring her home for good!!!

Yes, she's progressed so well since her "day release" last weekend that they're discharging her from Hope and she'll be home with us once again, although this time not in any pain and almost fully mobile. I say "almost" because whilst she's able to walk and get around pretty well, she still needs to build up strength in her legs and back, so won't be running any marathons just yet. And of course her arm is still in need of attention.

But today is a big day, and a cause for great celebration. Please raise a glass of your favourite tipple, shed a tear, and toast this remarkable woman who has astounded her care team with the effort she has put in, and shown great courage to get to the point she's now reached.

My wife is back. At last.

But why the "White Christmas" heading? Well, if you cast your mind back to when Tracy was re-admitted to hospital on 17th December, you will remember we put Christmas on hold. We didn't open our presents, and asked the butcher to put our turkey in his freezer. Now Tracy is coming home, we can plan our Christmas, which we will be having next weekend (this weekend is pretty hectic already!). And with the snow falling on Tuesday we might have a White Christmas after all!

The picture below was taken from our front door... showing the alpacas in the distance...

Will we have a White Christmas - view from our house on 4th March...

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