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Heffy & Marmite's Blog

When Richard and Karen left me with Tracy whilst they went off on the Trans Americas Expedition with Tracy's husband, Paul, they asked me to keep a record of my experiences. So this is it. My Blog. Hope you like it. Heffy xx (Marmite takes over end of July)

Sunday, 26 July 2009


Arriving in Brobdingnag

With another wet day thrust upon us, both Titch and I were up early, scaling the heights of the couch way before Katie emerged bleary eyed.. Today we were off to our new home. To begin with, it was to be just me going to live with Tracy, but Titch is my little sister and I help her do lots of things; I take care of her and protect her, so I was doubled over with glee when I heard Katie ask Tracy if she could come too. The decision of yes was not quite as quick as I hoped but after a day she gave in, besides two kittens are no worse than one are they? I knew it would be strange with Heffy not being there, but I was prepared for that and made sure I was incredibly brave.

For those of you who have read Gulliver’s Travels you will be aware of the island of Brobdingnag, the land of the giants, and god was I so right in my description..... As Titch and I entered the house there standing in the dining room were two of them, enormous and loud, shrieking this terrible noise and just when we had recovered from this shock another two arrived in the form of Tracy and Carlie bigger than ever. I should point out at this point, as I am hoping to be fed at some point that they were enormous in height compared to me and Titch not in overall size.......
I ran over to Katie, jumped on her leg and called for Titch to join me as these giants all clambered to give us a squeeze and a stroke; humans are so weird at times...

Escaping the giants

We watched in amazement as the two smaller giants called Sean and Konnor ran around the room with sticks with bells and feathers attached to them, some sort of medieval dance I think, although it did appear that we were meant to chase these objects as a way of entertainment, right!! Katie had already begun to unpack our array of baggage, bowls, food, poop trays, toys, toys, a few more toys and a whole lot more toys until the dining room floor resembled the Krypton factor.

Titch is far more outgoing than me, I’m sure I’ll get there but for now I do like to watch her skirting around the room and chasing this bright pink feather on the end of the stick, aren’t humans funny creatures, do they chase these too I wonder? Me, I prefer to investigate all the corners of the room, sniffing everything and every now and again, I forget myself and charge after the pink feather...oops!
It’s exhausting being a kitten, you’re on the go constantly and then you crash into a heap and sleep and dream and sleep some more. I’m so pleased Titch is here with me, she can continue to give me my cuddles and I can continue to be her big sister, protecting her from whatever may be just outside the dining room door........



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