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Heffy & Marmite's Blog

When Richard and Karen left me with Tracy whilst they went off on the Trans Americas Expedition with Tracy's husband, Paul, they asked me to keep a record of my experiences. So this is it. My Blog. Hope you like it. Heffy xx (Marmite takes over end of July)

Thursday, 16 July 2009


Holding back the tears

While I snoozed and dreamt of mice Tracy and Paul got up at 2:30am in preparation for the journey to the airport.
With Bags packed, there was one last gulp of tea before they left the house and into the night. Driving at night is a wonderful way to relax, with hardly any traffic, the clear black sky with the stars twinkling in the distance it's very hard to get stressed. With a clear road, they arrived at Terminal 2 at Manchester airport just after 3am.
No fuss.... a hug... a kiss... and then he was off, waving as he entered the building with the biggest grin you can imagine and disappearing from view. Tracy, desperately trying to hold back the tears and be strong, she clambered back into the car and drove back home along the same quiet still road in silence..

The front door clicked just after 4am and before long she was back in bed, willing herself to sleep and still trying to absorb the fact that Paul was now away until December... OMG!

I spent a lazy day, as always, sleeping and every now and again trotting downstairs for a bit of food only today, I just didn't feel good.... Tracy arrived home shortly after 2pm looking very tired. A knock on the door sent her shuffling off to answer it, only to be greeted with an enormous bouquet of flowers from my Mum and Dad (Richard and Karen)to cheer her up how cool are they? It made Tracy cry, but I know they were happy tears...

What a lovely surprise

I continued to feel a bit yuk, so Katie came to collect me and she took me off to the vets, what is it with these thermometers? Do they really need to shove them up???
Anyway, they have decided to put me on a drip because I’m being lazy and haven't drunk enough and I’ve got overnight accommodation so they can keep a beady eye on me, I don't know, can a cat not have any peace?
I'll fill you in tomorrow how I’m doing and what both Tracy and I have got up to....



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