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Heffy & Marmite's Blog

When Richard and Karen left me with Tracy whilst they went off on the Trans Americas Expedition with Tracy's husband, Paul, they asked me to keep a record of my experiences. So this is it. My Blog. Hope you like it. Heffy xx (Marmite takes over end of July)

Monday, 20 July 2009


That Darn leg

Nestled on the couch, with Tracy and Carlie tending to my every need and the sun shining down on my fur and warming me gently as I dreamed a thousand dreams Life was at its best.
With Tracy away for the Saturday while she collected her two boys Sean and Konnor, Katie, Brian and Bella came to look after me. I think they just wanted to make sure I was eating, and doing my business in the litter tray and behaving myself really, like I would get up to mischief. They chatted about the new additions to their family, Titch, the Twins and Marmite, seven week old kittens and I have to say they are a great bunch, especially Marmite and Titch, who are my best buddies after I visited a few weeks ago, I’m not usually into other creatures of any shape or form, but she was delightful and I think after 13 years my maternal instincts suddenly kicked in and I just couldn’t help but love her...


Katie, bless her spent much of Saturday making sure I was eating every two hours, but I’d noticed I had a limp, Tracy was clearly concerned the night before, and Katie now too, but given I never really went anywhere far, it wasn’t of great bother to me, I just slept, as you do..... I think I deserved a gold star too as I was I believe exceptionally good at taking my medicine and I know Tracy hates giving it to me, so I dutifully just opened my mouth and swallowed it, how good am I ?


Sunday dawned and chaos descended.... Tracy arrived home with her two boys, now whilst I like people, god are these two noisy, and with no volume control that could switch them off I took to underneath the table quick sharp and just gave them one of those looks, you know how it is, gotta be done at times. My leg was still not good and Tracy bless her really is like an old mother hen, picking me up and cuddling me, telling me how much she loved me and telling me to get better. She warmed my special food from the vet and sat with me on the floor, willing me to eat it, but I just wasn’t hungry. I wasn’t in any pain at all, just this leg that seemed to have a life of its own or rather a non life and as they day continued into the evening, it became harder for me to walk and I just wanted to sit and watch them all.

Tracy must have rung Katie three times for advise, whilst I listened on happily, ignoring all the requests to eat and with Carlie picking me up and plonking me in the litter tray, I decided to play hard and lie down, I do believe I made them laugh. With night time falling, and Tracy reading Pauls blog to me, their concerned faces looking so sad made me sad too, so I spent the evening in the front room with them all and tried not to get annoyed by all the loud voices emanating from the boys, but boys will be boys.

I think I really worried Tracy, although not intentionally, she took me up to her room and let me sleep on the end of the bed, she lay beside me, telling me about her life, about the accident and how sometimes you need to fight, not just for others but for yourself to have a focus and to walk towards it. As I drifted off to sleep, I heard the words “I love you Heffy, please get better” and then I was back dreaming of mice and birds and sunlight.


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