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Heffy & Marmite's Blog

When Richard and Karen left me with Tracy whilst they went off on the Trans Americas Expedition with Tracy's husband, Paul, they asked me to keep a record of my experiences. So this is it. My Blog. Hope you like it. Heffy xx (Marmite takes over end of July)

Tuesday, 4 August 2009


Oh dear, we're in trouble.

With Tracy’s trip to centre Parcs imminent with her motley crew, both Titch and I were off to stay with Katie and Brian. I have to confess that I really don’t like being stuck in a cage and then flung about in it whilst being jogged up and down in the back of a car. Both Titch and I made it quite clear that this was something we would rather not do on a regular basis by meowing very loudly all the way..

Arriving at Katie’s it was clear that Binx, her silver cat was not impressed by our arrival and gave a swift spit in my direction, typical man! Katie, having got rid of us has now taken on the task of rearing yet another kitten, a rather odd looking silver thing that resembles something not of this world, and cries all the time. Bella was very good with her though just as she was with us. It’s very difficult for us cats to be moved from pillar to post so I was shocked when Katie and Brian were not pleased at both of us Pooing and peeing on her carpet and not once either, so I can’t see us being invited again for quite a while......

cat from space

Tracy left on the Friday to stay at Centre Parcs, it was only 57 miles but for some reason her new Sat Nav had her touring a large part of the English countryside before they arrived some two hours later.. She said that the Villa was fine for their weekend and after booking in and parking they set off in hunt for the bikes! Sean, Konnor and Carlie took to the bikes like ducks in water, but Tracy had to confess within seconds that it was causing her far too much pain and trying to ride one handed was just not going to work.... There were a few challenges over the weekend, learning to bowl or rather try to bowl with a left hand, try and swim with an arm that won’t move, and running around after two very energetic boys was without doubt all hard work.

However, the boys had a great time, both climbing an outside wall to a height of 13 metres, trekking through trees via ropes and tyres, building their own survival shelter and then to top it all building a raft from scratch and then using it to get round the lake.

Sean at the top

Konnor clinging on

Exhausted was a good phrase to use. Carlie and Tracy spent Sunday morning in the Aqua Sana, enjoying the sauna, steam baths, Turkish baths and relaxing, something that was very much needed. The weather wasn’t great and much of the weekend was spent trying to get from one place to another before being soaked, then trying for the next hour to dry out, only to get soaked again. Monday arrived very quickly and with the bikes returned and departure in sight, the sun came out and the new arrivals started to baste in the sun, typical.

Tracy has been going to Reiki on a weekly basis since Paul has been away, she’s hoping that this will enable her to become spiritually strong as well as physically and mentally. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but she seems happy so it must be doing something. Katie took us back home on Tuesday, think she’d had enough of us by now and with Binx disappearing on Saturday think she needed some space. So here we are back home, causing chaos, running up and down the windowsill trying to catch the rain, and the odd fly that’s stupid enough to fly into the glass, doh.... but I do that the other side so guess I’m just as daft at the moment. Titch is being really well behaved; guess I have some catching up to do?

What a cutie pie


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