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Just One More Mile - Initial Planning

A diary blog, covering details of the initial planning for our Round The World motorcycle trip in 2008...

18 January 2007


Another problem...and another grandchild!

Well, today has been "one of those days". Tracy has just found out they've extended her degree course (it's part of her job too!) until July 2008, when we're all set to depart on 4th May 2008... So now we've got some thinking to do... do we delay the trip (and have to replan it all and probably miss out some countries we really want to visit), or does she look for another job (and what chance of finding one, when she's only going to be there for a year?)...or does she stay where she is, and leave before the course finishes (and so not get her 3rd degree)?... problems, problems...

As for my day, well it wasn't too bad. Seems that word of my trip is still spreading around work (I thought everyone knew already!). I had someone else come up to me today asking about my plans... which is encouraging, so need to get the website sorted in the next couple of months...

... and I've found someone to help with the development of the logo, so that's at least some progress towards the trip!

...and I became a grandpa for the 4th time today, when my youngest daughther, Danielle, gave birth to a son, Alfie (not over-keen on the name, though!). Hopefully they'll all stop now for a while, as having 4 grandchildren at my age is hardly what I had in my life-plan!

Tomorrow's the start of the weekend, and with a bit of luck, I'll find some time to start putting together some draft web pages.... and get the maps out!!

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