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Just One More Mile - Initial Planning

A diary blog, covering details of the initial planning for our Round The World motorcycle trip in 2008...

26 February 2007


All systems GO!!!

First the great news - Tracy has been given the all clear by the consultant and now has great balance, and the Acoustic Neuroma is miniscule... so she can once again get back on a bike!! We're both absolutely delighted and will be taking Lydia (Tracy's little yellow Ducati) out on Saturday for some re-acquantance work...

Second, MORE good news!! Following lots of research and advice from various parties, I've chosen the bike I'm going to use for our round the world trip. First, I discounted getting the smaller F650GS Dakar - despite the fact that Tracy and I would then be going on very similar bikes - the reasons are largely personal, so I won't go into them here. It then all boiled down to a choice between the "new" R1200GS Adventure or an "old" R1150GS Adventure. Following some sound advice, and largely based on the reduced complexity of the old model (simpler wiring in particular) I decided what I really needed was a late-model low-mileage R1150GS Adventure - and so the search started...

When I found one on www.ukgser.com/forums I thought my dreams had come true - a late model, one owner silver bike in great condition with extras and only 7,800 miles on the clock. Perfect. But. I got beaten to the mark and the owner had taken a deposit when I called him. So the search continued and I posted a "wanted" ad on the same site. When I checked the following morning I'd received a PM (personal message) from another member of the forum, who had just put down a deposit on... a late-model, silver bike with one owner, extras and 7,800miles on the clock! Yes, the SAME bike I'd tried to secure just a couple of days earlier!! He was happy to ley me have it as long as he got his deposit back and so the deal was done... I dropped off my deposit a week or so ago (not got used to posting the blog daily, yet!) and pick it up on Sunday....

Then I'll store it whilst I use my existing R1150GS to keep the mileage low, and gradually modify it to prepare it for the rigours of our adventure... happy - you bet!

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