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Just One More Mile - Initial Planning

A diary blog, covering details of the initial planning for our Round The World motorcycle trip in 2008...

08 May 2007


Interim Irish Trip Report

Am currently in Westport in Ireland, and have grabbed the opportunity to update my blog with the story so far...

Colin and I set off last Saturday and rode down through Wales, stopping briefly in Betsw-y-Coed for a coffee before a quick blast to Holyhead and the ferry to Dublin. As we arrived at the port a bit early, we were put on the 2.30pm ferry which actually arrived later than the 3.30pm fast boat we were supposed to be on! It didn't take us too long to find a B&B in Dublin, though, a short journey from the city centre and only 40euro each. With the bikes chained up outside and having had a quick shower we walked towards town before hitching a cab to the Temple Bar area... the cab driver turned out to be the only Irish person we spoke to all night as Dublin was full of tourists like ourselves, and the bar staff were all Eastern European (seems the Australians are being done out of work!). Avoiding the hen parties and sampling Guiness that was average at best we at least enjoyed the street life - especially the "Moo on the Loo"...and the drunk with his blow-up doll dancing to the tunes of a couple of limbo-dancing guys!

Moo on the Loo...

After a restful night's sleep and a good cooked breakfast we left Dublin and headed to Tipperary... which was not such a long way after all... and then on to Cork, with the weather changing from bright sunshine to showers and back again, setting the tone for the whole week so far. We found a reasonable B&B in Cork where we could at least walk into town, and as we were leaving to head into town a large group of bikers rode past, horns blaring - not sure what the occasion was, but they were quite a sight! Cork served up better Guinness and then we found a lovely little Italian restaurant where the waitress was Eastern European but very amusing, especially with the wine being called "Fat Bastard" (you can make up your own jokes about that!!). Suitably refreshed we hit a late bar before heading back the B&B.

From Cork we rode through some beautiful scenery to Blarney where we visited the castle

Blarney Castle

and climbed to the top to kiss the Blarney stone - which is supposed to help us with our eloquence, although so far it doesn't seem to have worked!

Kissing the Blarney Stone

After a liesurely wander round the castle grounds we set off again, riding past deep green fields

Irish Countryside

and rolling hills towards Cong, which is between two lakes. Here we found a campsite and pitched up, planning to stay 2 nights. The site was a short walk into town, where we found the bar recommended by the campsite owner, and where they served some rally good Guinness. After a couple of pints we wandered round town looking for a decent restaurant and failed miserably as everywhere was shut, but at least we discovered the ruined monastry. Failing to find somewhere better we returned to the pub for a bite to eat. This proved to be a poor idea, as the food was not great, even the crab claws in garlic, which sounded lovely, were poor, and the t-bone steak was barely edible... But we did have some entertainment, as a French couple arrived and took the table next to us - when they asked if the waitress (resplendent in a "I'm Grumpy" tee-shirt that was the understatement of the century) had any wine, we had to contain our histerics:

French woman : "do you 'ave any wine?"
Waitress : "yes, Red or White?"
French woman : "white, please"
Waitress : "big or small?"
French woman : "pardon?"

Seems they serve 2 types of wine - in 2 bottle sizes and that's all the choice you get! Our French couple were not amused...

Anyway, after a less than enjoyable meal, and with the pub's atmosphere being akin to that of the ruined monastery, we left and walked back to the campsite, calling it a night. Only to be woken about half an hour after turning in by the sound of torrential rain... and then a single explosion that sounded like a mortar-bomb but which Colin thinks was a hand-gun being discharged... great!

When we woke in the morning the rain had stopped and the sun was shining, but we made a quick decision to check out and head on, so Colin went to get a refund whilst I took the tent down, and then we set off on the road again, through some of the most beautiful scenery I've seen for a long time. The ride round the 12 bens from Cong via Maum and round the coast was spectacular which huge great hills reminiscent of the Scottish Highlands all around and glimpses of the Atlantic as the road wound its way round the coast. A stop for breakfast in a cafe by the roadside quickly restored our better mood and we settled down to some enjoyable riding all the way to Westport...

North Atlantic Coast

And now we've checked out the campsite (closed) and booked into a lovely B&B where the landlady is very cheerful and made us a cup of tea whilst we parked the bikes round the side of the house. A shower and a short walk into town and here I am, sat in "cyberpub" drinking a pint of Bud (refreshing, the Guinness is to follow!) and catching up with my blog... (the real reason for using the cyber facilities is I needed to check my bank balance as the ATMs I keep robbing won't let me!!)...

and now I've finished my pint, so it's back to the bar for a drop of the dark stuff...

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