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Just One More Mile - Initial Planning

A diary blog, covering details of the initial planning for our Round The World motorcycle trip in 2008...

25 June 2007


British Motorcycle Grand Prix...

Once again we have changed our well-made plans at the last minute. This weekend we were supposed to be attending the HorizonsUnlimited meeting near Derby, but due to work pressures I was not able to get the Friday off work, and so we would not have arrived in time for the bits of the weekend we were really looking forward to. As this weekend was also the British Motorcycle GP – an event I’ve been to for every year since 1992 – we made a last-minute decision to switch plans and head for Donington instead. Once again we camped at Shardlow Marina, which is a couple of miles from the circuit, arriving around 9pm on Friday evening and pitching the new tent before heading off to the local Indian restaurant for a curry… and damn good it was too, so good we asked for a “doggy-bag” to take the remains of the curries back with us for lunch on Saturday!

Saturday was dry but overcast, and we headed for the circuit having settled our camping bills, watching the practice and qualifying sessions and wandering round the stalls. My search for a new helmet was fruitless so we returned to the campsite having not spent too much money (for a change!). After a few beers sat outside the pub next to the campsite we wandered down the road to the Clock Warehouse for a bottle of wine and some food.

Sunday dawned damp as we woke early and headed directly to the circuit arriving just as they were opening the gates around 6.30am. We headed directly for our traditional viewing spot on the infield close to Starkey’s Bridge and pitched the little “fisherman’s tent” just in time before the rain came. Tucked up inside we were out of the rain and could sleep until the action started – whilst the circuit filled up with 85,000 other spectators… The day’s racing was as spectacular as ever, despite the rain, and the disappointment at nor seeing another Rossi victory…

As soon as the 125cc race was over (the last of the day) we headed back to the marina and packed up the tent before heading home under heavy skies and with rain starting to fall…

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