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Just One More Mile - Initial Planning

A diary blog, covering details of the initial planning for our Round The World motorcycle trip in 2008...

05 August 2007


Flyin' High...

What a weekend!

Yesterday we went up to Blackpool to stay with our friends, Pete & Helen, who were also our secret witnesses at our wedding last month. Great to catch up with them, especially as we haven't really seen them much over the past few years (Pete and I were at school together, did our HNCs together and went rallying together in the early 80's). Helen cooked us a superb meal and we sat up until midnight chatting, but the real excitement was saved for today. Pete's passed his private pilot's licence, and as a wedding present had hired a 4-seater plane to take us up in!

Despite the weather forecast which promised weather unsuitable for flying, we woke to clear blue skies and very little wind. Perfect. A quick drive to Blackpool airport and "Pilot Pete" did the pre-flight checks whilst we stood round chatting nervoulsy. The plane was really small, with just enough room for 4 small adults inside. Pity we're not 4 small adults (well, Pete and I aren't anyway!). Once in the plane, with Tracy & Helen in the back, we taxied out onto the runway, with me sat in the front - with strict instructions not to touch anything - and off we went.

Within seconds of lifting off, Tracy had a big grin on her face, as Blackpool dropped gently away behind us...

Tracy grinning as the ground drops away

... and then we headed off towards the Lake District. Unfortunately the weather over the Lakes was overcast and dull, with low-lying cloud so we skirted across Windermere with a fantastic view down the length of the lake, across Morecambe Bay and back towards Blackpool.

Lake Windermere from the air

Passing down the coast we got a fantastic view of my mum's house - where I'd been brought up - and the Golden Mile, the 3 piers, tower and the Pleasure Beach, before heading back to the airport and landing safely. Quite an experience, and a truly brilliant wedding present - thanks Pete & Helen!!

Pilot Pete and his guests

Following that excitement we came home and I did some small jobs on the bike, before we had a barbeque and sat down to watch James Toseland do the double (his first!) at Brands Hatch...

... can't beat a weekend like that!

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