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Saturday, November 8, 2008


Another night in hospital...

As if Tracy hasn't had enough of hospital, yesterday she went to the Oaklands hospital for the operation on her elbow. We had chosen to exploit the private medical insurance policy I have through work in order to get the operation sooner rather than wait for the NHS. As she'd have been waiting until next June for the consultation with Mr Muir, and then having to wait for x-rays and finally for the operation, getting it done in early November was a much better option...

So yesterday morning we got up early and drove to the Oaklands to arrive at 7am. Tracy had been "nil by mouth" since 9pm the night before, but I managed to grab some breakfast and a cup of tea, which turned out to be just as well... On arrival she was admitted and given her own room, and before long the anaesthetist came and explained what he was going to do (and Tracy warned him of the challenge he would be faced with when trying to find a suitable vein in her arm, after all the use they were put to over the past 15 months!). Then it was Mr Muir's turn to arrive and explain what he was going to do and what he was hoping to achieve. With the consent form signed, we sat and chatted whilst waiting for Tracy's turn in theatre. At 10.20am she was taken down, fetchingly dressed in the classic backless gown and with a pair of anti-thrombisis 'pop socks'... pity I didn't have my camera with me, as this blog is seriously lacking photos!

So I sat in the room and waited, reading my MCN and watching rubbish on daytime TV. After just over 3 hours she was back with me, looking very pale and very drowsy. She has always reacted badly to general anaestethics, and this time was no different, as she was feeling very sick. Mr Muir popped by to see how she was and he was very pleased with the way the operation went, saying that whilst she was out he'd managed to get her hand onto her face! He did say that the movement in the operating theatre was likely to reduce post-op, but it was important that she worked hard on her physio to give herself the best chance.

Shortly after Mr Muir had left, another doctor arrived to give her something for the sickness. And then some pain killers. And then something else for the sickness as it wasn't passing. Then she was sick. So she had some more painkillers and something else for the sickness. And she was sick again. Then the physio came and showed her what she needed to do, which involves bending her arm as much as possible, then some more until it hurts a lot and makes her feel sick. (ok, it was to move it until it won't move any more, but by then it hurts and she feels sick). So she started moving her arm, and I think that took her mind off the sickness. One thing had become clear during all this, though, and that was that she would need to stay in overnight so they could ensure her pain was under control. We had been expecting this, but had also been hoping she would be able to come home, but it wasn't to be. And so at 7pm, I kissed her goodbye and made my way home alone again, calling in at the Chinese just as I had so many times when she was in hope (by now I was starving, having not eaten since breakfast!).

This morning I was back at the hospital at 9am, and Tracy was much more alert, had her colour back and was dressed and keen to come home. She had eaten some breakfast and had a session with the physio, and whilst her upper arm is a bit swollen and sore, she is still working hard to keep bending it, despite the discomfort. We had to wait a little while for her to be discharged, but we soon on our way home again.

And now we're sat at home together, and every few minutes Tracy is bending her arm... the next few days will be critical in determining how successful the operation has been. She has a physio appointment on Monday to get some "day and night" splints made to help, but it's really down to her now. Knowing how hard she worked to get movement back in her right hand, I'm confident it won't be too long before we're able to toast her success, and with her right hand, of course!

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