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Welcome to Paul and Tracy's main blog. Here you can keep track of what we've been up to, and join us on our adventures.

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Sunday, November 30, 2008


A Winter's Tale...

It's cold outside. Very cold. And in a few minutes, I'm setting off to Edinburgh, where I'm attending a course with work until Thursday. Now I could take the soft, easy option of flying. Only that would mean dealing with the airports, which lost its attraction many years ago - when you fly anywhere with work there's not the wide-eyed excitement you get when travelling somewhere exotic on a trip to help maintain your mood as the airport staff do their level best to suck the life out of you... So, no thanks. Then there's the option of taking the car. Nice and warm, radio on, comfy seats and the drudgery of endless motorway miles with no sense of being outdoors. No thanks. I'll take the bike... which basically means 5 hours of freezing to death, the same endless drudgery of the motorway, my MP3 player instead of the radio, but the sense of being outside on such a beautiful and crisp Winters day.

Just hope my electric jacket still works...

Whilst I'm heading North for the week, Tracy's still working her arm hard. She's now got a range of movement in her arm from approx 50degrees to 100degrees (measured from a staight arm). Which is a damned sight more than she had before, and whilst she's still not quite able to drink from a cup held in her right hand, she is able to touch the back of her head (handy for washing her hair) and even suck her thumb (sometimes I think she's as much a big kid as I am!). She's due to see the consultant next week, and then she'll know for certain what she can expect in the long run - which is probably what she has now.

As for other news, well, Mr Mini Man still hasn't been in touch to say he's managed to raise the funds to allow our "Good Life" to start, so we're going to take the house off the market at the end of the week. Which means that dream will be on hold for a little while longer - probably until after I get back from the Trans Am.

But that's enough doom and gloom for now. I'm off to get wrapped up and set off to Edinburgh whilst the sun is still shining. The ride up should be fun, but the ride back on Thursday evening might be a different story... let's hope it doesn't snow!

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