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Welcome to Paul and Tracy's main blog. Here you can keep track of what we've been up to, and join us on our adventures.

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Monday, January 19, 2009


Smile, we're off Round the World!

Well, we're not, but Laura and Chris are!

We took them to the airport on Saturday as they set off on their adventure, which will see them going via the Far East (Thailand to start with), Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and then via Canada back home... 4 months of travelling... to say we're envious would be fair - although it's only a couple of weeks until we head off to Thailand and Vietnam ourselves (we won't get to meet up with them, though, as by then they should be in Cambodia or Laos...).

No wonder their smiles were so wide...

Laura and Chris outside Manchester Airport at the start of their Round-the-World adventure

Other news is pretty scarce this week. I've been working and Tracy's been continuing with her gym work. I've been riding my bike to work most days, including today which was "interesting" to say the least, as it snowed quite heavily this afternoon and I had to ride home in strong winds and sleet... some would say that it was good practice for Alaska, although I'm hoping for better weather when I get there in July!

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