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The Trans-Americas Blog

Whilst undertaking the massive Trans-Americas motorcycle journey, I maintained a daily record of my thoughts and experiences - the Trans-Americas Blog. Many people joined me on my journey through reading the blog. I think their stamina and dedication deserves much greater credit than mine. All I did was sit on a bike and ride South. And drink too much.

But the trouble with Blogs is that they're written and read daily and the top of each page is the latest entry. Which makes reading them after the event somewhat difficult as you have to scroll past loads of interesting-looking stuff to get the boring bit where you last left off. Well, not any more, because I've chunked the blog up into neat chapters and re-ordered everything so now it reads like a book. Only on a screen. And without the benefit of being well written. But at least it has some colour pictures.

I hope you enjoy reading (or re-reading) this story as much as I do. It might already seem like an eternity ago that I was riding my bike and sharing my life with my new friends, but it still remains a real highlight of this remarkable life of mine. If you'd like to get in touch, drop me a line here.

The Trans-Americas Blog Chapters:

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