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Trans-Am Trail - August and September 2011

As my web hosting company has restricted the bandwidth available for my blog, and it seems to be popular enough to exceed the monthly limit, I've switched to creating a new we3b page for each "blog" entry. That way you will still get to read all about this exciting adventure (well, it is for me anyway!) and see pictures of our motorcycles on the ground in various picturesque locations across America.

As an added bonus feature, you will also see at the start of every page the Facebook logo, which allows you to "Like" the entry and so create a status update linking directly to the entry so all your friends can see what a saddo you are for reading and liking my drivel... (that is, if it works!)
If you prefer the personal touch, just drop me an email by clicking here - I'd really like to hear from you!

The trail starts here - outside Jellico, Tennessee

Trans AM Trail Blog Pages

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